When Looking For a Medicine Cabinet, Are You Aware of Your Options?

If you are renovating your washroom – private or public – choosing the right medicine cabinet to put the finishing touches on your project is crucial. When the washroom is being used, the people are going to look in the mirror directly above the sink! Here are the options that you have, when searching for the perfect medicine cabinet.

Mirrored Recessed Medicine Cabinet:

This wonderful cabinet comes in white and has 2 adjustable shelves for your belongings. It has a magnetic catch and 18″” piano hinge so it is easy to open and close and comes with a beautiful 16″”X22″” mirror attached for you.

Medicine Cabinet Surface Mounted:

This product also comes with 2 adjustable shelves and magnetic catch and 18″” piano hinge. The difference is that the cabinet can be inverted depending on the door swing you are seeking. The attached mirror is also 16″”x22″”.

Stainless Steel:

This product is the most economical and is 22 gauge steel. All the features from the prior two are incorporated but the mirror is 16″”X30″”. The unique design of this model, will allow for either surface mounted or recessed: It is 100% your choice based on your preference.

These are the top three medicine cabinets in the industry and all three are manufactured by Frost Products Limited. They are reasonably priced, easy to install, attractive and durable. They will add the final touch to your dream washroom and make it complete! You will be proud to have friends, family or the public enter your restroom.

Sharon is the owner of SP Stalls And Storage. She has been supplying products within the architectural and industrial markets for over 20 years.Her company has been going strong since 2005.